Episodes (English Vitello dub)

Crayon Shin-chan anime episodes of the English Vitello dub that aired on TV in the UK and Australia on Fox Kids and Jetix.

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01) Playing House + Mom Wants To Drive + Mom Takes Driving Lessons

02) Mom’s Getting Fat + I’m A Kiddie Commando + Dad Lost His Eyebrows

03) P.J. Party With Miss Dori + I Meet A Hishi + Mom Wants An Air Conditioner

04) I Go Skiing + Fun at the Ski Lodge + Dopes at the Slopes

05) Me Want Cookie + My Date With Miss Uma + Mom Runs Away

06) We’re Getting A Divorce?! + Play Ball Part One + Play Ball Part Two

07) I Get Recycled + Mom Killed The TV + Lucky Gets Lucky

08) Fun With Balloons + I Found A Wallet + I Go To The City

09) We Go On Vacation + Vacation Fun + Dad Has A Breakdown

10) A Dad-Free Night + I Hit A Homer + I Clean Up

11) Let’s Go Fishing + Smarty Pants Marti + Driving With Mom

12) I Make A Man Outta Max + Mom and Dad’s Big Night + I Go To The Hospital

13) A Visit From Grandpa + I Go To Girl-Zoo + Grandpa Won’t Leave

14) An Errand To The Post Office + Going To A Haunted HouseMom Goes On Strike

15) Who’s Eisenhower? + Dad’s Secret Admirer + Leaf Me Alone

16) The Late Great Me + Mom’s A Shopaholic + I Can’t Sleep

17) Me and the Comic Book Guy + Cosmo The Germinator + Dad Goes Jogging

18) Playing Around With Dad + I’m Going Hiking + Fun With Food

19) Someone’s Got A Boyfriend + I Get My Own Room + Dad Breaks A Promise

20) I Climb a Mountain + I’m Mountain Meat + Survival of the Fattest

21) Mom Has A New Dress + Bye Bye Cosmo + Mom Leaves Me On The Subway

22) Mom’s Gotta Barf + My Cool Collection + I Love Nasty Books

23) I’m On Spring Break + Lucky Feels Yucky + Let’s Have A Picnic

24) I Jump-Start The Baby [PARTIAL] + Cosmo’s In Love + I’m A Love Doctor

25) I Want A New Mom + Playin’ In The Pool + It’s Pregnant Mom Month

26) Playing Tag + I Go On A Date + My Date With Ricky

27) The Story of Shinocchio + Gimme Back My Ball + I’m Mom’s Bodyguard

28) Mom Takes A Nap + I Get Free Lunch + Dad’s Close Shave

29) Check Out My Baby + A Picnic With Miss Bono + Fun With The Godfather

30) The Baby Comes Home + Hanging’ Out With The New Baby + I’m Tired

31) Miss Uma’s Day Off + Mom Lost Her Key + I Swap Moms

32) I Help Dad Shovel Snow + Lady Wrestlers Rock + I Get A Love Letter

33) Am I Getting A Brother Or What + I Help Out The Comic Book Guy + Dad’s Stuck With Me

34) Dad’s Got A Girlfriend + Mom Finds Out + Debut In The Park

35) Daisy Gets Buzzed + The 3-eyed Dog + Who Needs Sleep?

36) Dad’s Last Resort + Cosmo Trusts Me + Salesman Shin

37) Max Lost His Snack Money + A Trip To The RiverI Get Lost Again

38) The Godfather Glasses + Uma The Cat-Lover  + Where’s My Sister, Mister?

39) The Lovebirds Are Fighting + Home Alone + We Sleep In The Hallway

40) Early Valentine’s Day + Little Bigboss Plays Golf + Miss Uma’s Valentine

41) Aunt Minnie Comes To Visit + The Godfather Is A Cradle Snatcher + We Drill For The Baby

42) I’m The Boss + Hey, Remember Me? + Nobody Loves Me

43) The Blowfish Bonus + Fugu Whogu? + Shin vs The Kung Fu Kid

44) Mom Gets Malled + Daisy Drives Me Crazy + Fun At Skunky’s

45) I Make A Treasure Map + I Make Miss Dori Sick + We’re Coolie-Oolie

46) I Get Some Class + The Tortoise And The Hare-Bags [PARTIAL] + The Kahzu Kamakazes Hit The Pool

47) We Ski For Free + Uma Whoma? + Fun At The Arcade

48) No Train In The Rain + There’s A Stranger At The Door + The Lovebirds Move In

49) What’s The Massager For? + Miss Dori Wants To Get Married [TITLE CARD MISSING] + Ricky Makes The Pass

50) Dori’s Boyfriend Has A Girlfriend + Daisy Starts Crawling + I’m A Mentor Case

51) Buttman Saves The Day + Hurricane Hannah + Escape From Planet Kindygarten

52) I’m A Ballerina + Quality Time With Dad + What’s Up With Mom?

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  1. hello,i am a student in Chinese,i want to study english,but some part of the webside i cant hear carefully,so can you add some subtitles for english version?i like this webside so much!thanks a lot

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